Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • rkgc
    09-30 01:10 PM
    This would do world of good for people & fly like mine. What is the other thread's subject, where Papu has mentioned about this?


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  • for_gc
    02-07 10:57 AM
    Just saw this news on Economics Times (Indian Newspaper).

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  • bhagat69
    03-06 05:41 PM
    Hi, I am actually in a similar boat as you. Though I have an April 2006 PD for EB3 and am now on EAD as well.

    Question1: Is it better to try and port my EB3 to EB2 with a different employer. Isn't GC for future employment ? If so, can't I negotiate with another employer and file new labour under EB2 and try and port my priority date from EB3 ? Also, if I do this will my current employer find out ?

    Questions2: What is the process for porting EB3 to EB2 without current employer finding out ? What documents are required ? My current employer is not going to give me a copy of my I-140 or my Labour Cert. All I have is the receipt notice of my I-485 filing and my AP/EAD documents.

    Questions3: Is it possible that since there are so many India EB2 applicants and fewer India EB3 applicants that it is better to stick with EB3 April 2006 PD ? Dosen't a seperate quota get allocated to EB3 than that which gets allocated to EB2 each year or will EB3 always be behind EB2? Please advise.

    I will really appreciate someone who has experience with these issues to advise me on them.

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  • desi485
    11-13 01:47 PM
    I had a question about using using AC21.

    Here is the scenario: Let us say I work for XYZ Company who applied for my 140 and 485. I have approved 140, H-1b, EAD and AP.
    If XYZ laid me off or I left them for career progression or more money 180 days after my 485 was filed and 140 approved, what happens to my 485 application?

    Wouldn't USCIS question that since my sponsoring employer does not exist anymore, who am I going to work for once I get my green card? or is this coverd under AC21?

    Please advice!

    sir, if you have worked 180 days for this employer after filling of 485, there are no issues with CIS, atleast legally. However there are some unfortunate incidents going on where IO wrongfully denied 485 petitions when a person changed jobs using AC-21. I urge you to take part in IV AC-21 letters campaign which will help you and all of us to survive any unfortunate, unforseen job loss due to current downturn in economy. ( It is actully very easy, just print 4 pages and mail it thru' USPS. Won't even cost you $2. Remember this for yours and our future and peace of mind. Arul, I humbly request you to do so for sake of our community. Thanks!


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  • saikatmandal
    02-11 02:53 PM
    I didnt mean to burst your bubble...but may be its just that you are getting another finger printing notice. Its expires in 15 months. If you read the other forums July 07 filers have started getting their next set of FP notices. I wouldnt get too carried away.

    That definitely sounds like a reasonable explaination .... !!!

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    05-21 10:33 AM
    As long as you have your returning documents, i.e. AP for yourself and valid unexpired visa for your wife you should be OK.

    Just use AVR (search online and print the rules). This way you can return on same I-94 within next 30 days.

    We used it when we did our landing back in 2008.


    My wife and I will be Canadian Permanent Residents in a few months. I am on EAD with I485 pending and have AP. She is on H1B

    We will need to Travel to Canada for Immigrant Landing formalities after we get PR.

    How can we enter back in US so that my AOS and her H1B Status is not affected?



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  • chanduv23
    02-07 12:50 PM

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  • wandmaker
    01-25 04:36 PM
    Query on behalf of a friend -

    What are the timelines for I-539 Change of Status for H1 to H4?
    Is premium processing option available for the this change of status?

    Friend worked till last week of pregnancy (clean H1 history before). Her 12 weeks of maternity leave is ending soon and looks like the family needs to pay attention to child's condition and she has no choice but to become a full-time mom (another full-time job in itself though). She was in status during her maternity leave (some part of which was covered by STD insurance, remaining unpaid leave totaling 12 weeks under FMLA). She needs to change her status from H1 to H4.

    - File for H1-H4 ASAP with in the unpaid leave window
    - No premium processing available for H4


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  • Aah_GC
    11-16 09:43 AM
    Friends, How can I join this state chapter? What is expected of me? What are the upcoming events? I contribute $50 on a monthly basis and have contributed $100 so far.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-26 07:30 PM
    Great Analysis from AILA to share with our readers. PL 111-230 requires the submission of an additional fee of $2,000 for certain H-1B petitions ( and $2,250 for certain L-1A ( and L-1B petitions postmarked on or after August 14, 2010. Petitioners subject to this new fee include employers with more than 50 employees in the U.S., for which 50% of their workforce is on H and L visas. The fee will remain in effect through September 30, 2014.

    USCIS indicated that Vermont Service Center and California Service Center were instructed to hold any H or L petitions sent after that date, pending guidance on how to determine whether the petitioner is subject to the new fee. USCIS will be modifying the I-129 or H-1B Data Collection Form to include information on whether this fee applies.

    In the interim, USCIS suggested that petitioners could proactively include a �certification� regarding the fee, including a notation of whether the fee is required in bold capital letters at the top of the cover letter. The sample certification that the petitioner is not obligated to pay the fee would be:

    �[Name of employer] has over [insert total US employees] employees in the United States, of whom fewer than [insert number or percent] are H-1B or L nonimmigrants. As such, [name of employer] is not subject to the additional fees required under PL 111-230.�

    We will update our readers as we receive more guidance on this new change.

    More... (


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  • immigration1234
    06-21 04:58 PM

    My attorney sent me a questinaire and the following is a part of the questionaire.

    I don't have any of the below mentioned but a checking account. Do I need to have any of the following so that I can get approval for my I485?

    Appreciate your help and thank you very much!

    ************************************************** *******

    These questions are for the affidavit that shows you can support your spouse:
    What is the date that you first came to the United States to live? ___________________________
    Your Annual Salary: $________________________ Savings Amount: $________________________
    Stocks and Bonds amount: $___________________ Life Insurance Amount: $__________________
    (if you bought a house) House Total Value: $______________________________________
    How much do you still owe on your mortgage? $______________________________________
    If you own a house and have not listed the address above, please give the address of the house: __________________________________________________ _______________

    ************************************************** ********

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  • moonrah
    12-26 05:10 PM

    My company prepared for my PERM filing in EB2 category. They did all recruitement efforts. But at the time of filing, company annouced some lay-offs as "restructuring". Now my lawyer says, it is their policy not to file for PERM before six months of any lay -offs since some lay -offs involve same job title as my labor supposed to be filed. Since this is my lawyer's policy, My question is, is it safe to file PERM right now? What if I use different job title then the one my lawyer used before for recruitement efforts. (I understand he has to do new recruitement efforts for this ne job title, but is it safe?). What choices do I have, I do not want to delay my PERM filing. Please help...



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  • sounakc
    05-31 06:32 AM
    please help

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  • bruce
    01-21 09:02 PM
    I am trying to get a green card for the US. My parents are from east asia and I was born in Canada. I went to University in Maryland from 1992-96 and obtained my dental license. I am licensed in the US and intend to purchase a dental office soon. I will still be keeping my dental office in Canada for at least 1 year once I am able to work in the US. I heard about a investment visa however I am not investing more than $400k but it will employ at least 4 US nationals(ctizens). Can I still use the investment visa or can I get a visa for opening a secondary dental office in the US and still keep my existing office in Canada until I qualify for a green card. Also can anyone recommend a good lawyer. How much should it cost for me and my family(wife and 3 children ). Email me if you wish AT


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  • english_august
    01-13 10:28 AM
    Folks -

    We urgently need a few people from San Jose to talk to NPR about immigration issues. If you are available today (Sunday Jan 13) or in the next two days, please send me a PM with your phone number asap. Don't worry about what you will talk - I can help you with it.

    I've already tried contacting a few people from San Jose who had previously volunteered to be available to talk to the media but probably because of the weekend, I've not been able to get to them. So please other people from San Jose, please step up and help us out.


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  • kaisersose
    07-08 10:29 PM
    I was looking through my LC and 140 documents and found out that there are two different job titles in LC. One is Employer Job title which is "Analyst Programmer" other one is prevailing wages occupational title which is "Computer Systems Analyst". My question is what should be my Title at new employer?

    Programmer, analyst programmer, developer, software engineer, sr. software engineer, sys analyst, etc., are all the same.

    The gray area starts when a developer moves into business development or becomes a manager.


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  • guchi472000
    02-13 10:13 AM

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  • abracadabra
    07-09 10:13 PM
    Please kindly send your stories, to microsoft at this email address they sincerely requested to send July2nd personal stories, there is a huge drive for these stories so that the legal department at microsoft will take this plead to the congressman/senator, this is a serious plea. I am sending mine

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  • maheshmail
    08-14 10:25 AM
    Thank you for your replies...

    My confusion is, as soon as I enter on AP I am on EAD and I don't have approved EAD. Does this mean I can not work untill I get EAD approved? I don't have Visa Stamped and I am not planning for Visa Stamping.

    10-07 08:34 PM
    probably because they can't be altered unless you own Acrobat Writer, and also they print out easily on Mac, and PC...

    -from what I've seen,


    01-18 06:39 PM
    What is the fees to be paid for an employer to file H4 to H1B.

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