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Ferrari Red Campus school program

Innovation Formula, Team Formula and Emotion Formula

Red Campus is Museo Ferrari's specific program targeted to schools of all levels in support to the main disciplines of study that aims at providing a tangible, articulated and effective support to school teaching through the elaboration of aspect that make Ferrari a model of excellence, that is technological innovation, teamwork, style and design.
The program consists of a series of teaching modules, guided courses and/or workshops, which include three subjects and four specific courses on each subject: Innovation, Team and Emotion.
1. Innovation Formula
Technological research, a constant feature and the track record underlying theme
• Performance: power development and control, consumption optimization
• Lightness: the challenge of weight and emission reduction.
• Aerodynamics: forces involved, the reduction of the drag and the consumption limitation.
• Safety: electronics, stability and track control.
2. Team Formula
Together to achieve success
• Teamwork: preparation and collaboration, creativity and method.
• "Craft school": ongoing training, professional growth, career development.
• “Great Place to Work”: motivation, involvement and integration, services and work environment, professionals from all over the world.
• Territoriality: social responsibility, internationality and Italian-ness, excellent network between the company and the training world.

3. Emotion Formula
Myth and Identity
• The design: the art of shapes and materials to dress top technologies.
• The brand: the Prancing Horse, the Red color, races, victories.
• The factory: places and buildings, great architects to the service of work environments, aesthetics, sustainability and safety.
• The personality: "Ferrari style", cars-unique specimens, customization, colors.

High schools may decide to take a guided tour and/or a specific workshop on each subject, while a guided tour and/or a workshop covering the most significant aspects of the three subjects will be more suitable for primary schools and junior high schools.
Notably, 4 workshops are available: two on Innovation, one on Team and one on Emotion.


An educational room for 24 teenagers equipped with 12 touch screens, which can be used by pairs, a plasma screen for the tutor, an “augmented reality” workstation, a totem with original audio and video contributions, interactive exhibits.

Guided tour: 75 minutes
Workshop: 75 minutes

Guided tour: 150 Euros (including VAT)
Workshop: 150 Euros (including VAT)
Guided tour + Workshop package for high schools: 240 Euros (including VAT)
Guided tour + Workshop package for primary and junior high schools: 210 Euros (including VAT)Admission for high schools: 11 Euros per student
Admission for primary and junior high schools: 9 Euros per student
Teachers: free

The guide and/or the workshop (as well as tickets) must be paid preferably in cash or by bank transfer (in advance only).
The invoice will be issued on the arrival of the group, so it is necessary to provide the denomination plus VAT number or fiscal code for the invoice.


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