Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Consider Tread Wear Indicator, Not Thickness Tires

Thickness Tires
Car tires do not have expiry dates. Origin still meet the standards, the tires still comfortable and safe to use everyday driving. Tire life is determined by the physical condition of the tires. Most people assess the condition of the tires of the thickness. Apparently this is not always right. Usually when kembangannya still looks good, people judge her tires are still viable and meet the standards of wear, but not necessarily.
Lifetime of the tire is actually marked with the Tread Wear Indocator. Tread Wear Indocator is a bar-code there is small rubber between the tread blocks. Tread Wear Indocator have a certain size that is 1.6 mm thick for passenger car tires and 2.4 mm for the used light truck tires. At the thickness of the tread is the same height as the Tread Wear Indocator, indicates the tire has reached the limits of safe use and must be replaced for safety reasons. Not many are aware of the existence of Tread Wear Indocator and function. And this will determine the safety of our journey.

Tires that had crossed the line Tread Wear Indocator will lose its grip on power of the media path. Yet according to car tires have a very heavy task. When driving a car, car tires support the load function and its load, absorb shocks due to the condition of the road cars, as well as help control the direction of the vehicle braking by reducing vehicle speed. Ban also serves to move the pull (traction) on the surface of the ground vehicles. These tasks make the tire pressure down, front-rear and right-left continuously when the car is driven.

If it weakens the strength cengkramnya automatic steering response and stability will decrease. You can imagine what will happen if a car is difficult to control, especially if already driven in high speed. Therefore, immediately replace the tires when it reaches the limit Indocator Tread Wear safety reasons of course above all else

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