Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Car Tips Understanding Tire Codes and Their Purpose

Tire Codes
Ever notice the text contained in the edge of the tires? There are listed some of the code numbers and letters stating specifications and designation of the tire. Most probably we rarely pay attention to those codes. The most commonly known owner of the car is the tire size, while the remainder entrusted to the store or place to change a tire repair shop.

There is a good car owner to understand the meaning of text and code on the tire. Because there are some differences in writing to the tires for passenger cars with wheels for other vehicle types, such as trucks for example. Tires for passenger cars, there is usually a size 7 codes are written. Each shows a large size, weight, width and use speed.

For example 205/60 R15 86H-writing DUCARGO GA. Figures 205 show the tire width in millimeters. Figures 60 shows the aspect ratio (serie / profile) or a high discount divided by the width of the tire pieces in percent. The letter R means the tire is a radial construction. The next figure of 15, is the rim diameter in units of inches. Figures 86 is the maximum payload that can be transported by a conveyor. Index for 86 is 530 kg.

The letter H in the back is a symbol of speed. Class H indicates the maximum speed limit that may be used with this tire is 210 kilometers per hour. There are several letters from M to N based on alphabetical order showing the speed limit of 130-200 kilometers per hour. H is the speed of the highest norm. For higher speed, using a three-letter symbol. The most recent article is Ducargo GA is the name of the type tread.

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