Saturday, July 2, 2011

Car Tips Transmission Error, Why?

Car Tips Transmission
Occasionally, we crashed a car transmission. For example, the gear lever back into neutral gear when moving from two to three. To be sure, the phenomenon will not occur in a healthy car. It signifies something is wrong in a car transmission. There are several reasons that could cause the third gear can jump into neutral.

1. Maybe the ratio third gear is damaged, broken or eroded. So though it was entered, did not want to gear the car ahead. Better informed in detail the cause to the garage.

2. The possibility never occurred pounding power is very strong that could damage the gear ratio of three to be destroyed. If the gear ratio is destroyed or gunduI obviously not going to continue movement to the wheel gear

3.Bisa sinkromes also damaged that the tooth can not enter or jump and the car can not drive in third gear.

4. Or rubber mounting cradle broken transmission. Resulting wobble when the engine is strong enough dihentak. This wobble may shift the transmission lever into neutral because it stuck with not under the cab.

5. Hub sleeve is worn on the system synchronism. So that the hub whose job as a drag if your teeth in. can not function due to wear, so if worn, can not resist any longer and jumped into the neutral gear

5. The cause of the detent ball, ball like a bullet there on the mechanism of transfer gear lever and fork sinkromes. His job held when the gearshift lever and the lever, there is a special hole-Iubang round. When the gears, it will lock the ball into the hole. Detent ball itself has been prepared in line ready to move the lever and push a button if there is behind it. If the ball has broken or worn, can not hold the lever again, and finally able to jump teeth.

It is necessary to disassemble the transmission to fix it. But no need to be able to do advanced workshop clear the existing garage to work on the credibility. Since the construction of a manual transmission with relatively little change from year to year is the same system works, the Home shop has capabilities in the procurement of spare parts, can certainly do.

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