Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Akshay khanna tops pics

Sauve and Sophisticate Akshaye Khanna recently walked the ramp for the music launch of SALAAM-E-ISHQ which left everyone amazed.

The normally reserved Khanna was at his charismatic best as he strutted the ramp. And the photographers went wild, since Akshaye was walking the ramp for the first time, and he seemed to have been enjoying every bit of it.

Says Akshaye" Yes its true that I walked the ramp for the first time. It was an truly exhilarating experience! ".

Also Akshaye Khanna had recently done a high fashion photo-shoot, with a special stylist of International repute and the results was simply spectacular. The stylist was simply ecstatic and raved that Akshaye’s look was truly international.

Not surprising, since it's a given fact that Akshaye possesses a certain pedigree that is class apart. He understands high fashion, with the coolest attitude to match. Akshaye 'style quotient' is not in your face, but understated and spells class.

“I hate experimenting with my looks. I don't follow trends for the heck of it. I am very particular about what I wear. Style from me is not a label but and attitude,” says Akshay Khanna. Akshaye Khanna recently did a high fashion photo-shoot with a special stylist of International repute.

The stylist was simply ecstatic and raved that Akshay’s Looks were truly international. Not surprising, since it's a given fact that Akshaye possesses a certain pedigree that is class apart. He understands high fashion, with a cool attitude to match.

Akshaye is known to spend obscene amount on his shoes, if it goes well with his sense of style. Taking a step further, Falguni Thakore will style Akshaye in Abbas Mastan's next film with Booby Deol and Urvashi Sharma. Incidentally Falguni Thakore is behind the styling of Abhishek Bachchan.

The last time these charming lads were teamed up, they created B.O records. After four years they've decided to strike back again. Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna have been signed up for Abbas-Mastan's next venture that will go on the floor this month. And we're sure an Abbas-Mastan film will be nothing short of a thriller. While we saw the stunning Ameesha Patel romance these men in Humraaz, we'll see new face, Urvashi Sharma, making her debut with them. Well, if you've seen the latest Mika video, you'll find this PYT grooving and gyrating to his tunes.

Bollywood actor Akshaye Khanna seems to be the blue-eyed boy of director duo Abbas-Mastan, who vouch that he is one of the most talented actors.

Whether Akshaye's film is a hit or flop the duo continues to cast him.

After 'Humraaz', Akshaye featured in their recently released '36 China Town'. The film did satisfactory business at the box office and the actor earned rave reviews for his performance.

He is now working in their next flick with Anil Kapoor and Saif Ail Khan to be produced by Tips.

With most of the directors repeating Akhsaye, he certainly has carved a niche for himself in filmdom.

His talent has always been appreciated by critics.


But now bachelor boy Akshaye Khanna, tired of his single status, is waiting to fall in love!

“I'm shy,” confesses Akshaye Khanna. Not surprising then, that having been part of this industry for nearly 12 years now, he is still mysterious.

There’s only so much you hear about the man - he’s seldom in the news for the wrong reasons and the link-ups are few and far between.

“I genuinely try my best to be in the limelight, but that’s something I’m not good at,” is his justification for being elusive.

Normally reserved Akshaye Khanna was the cynosure of everyone's eyes when he walked the ramp designer Manav Gangwani. He was the talk of the fashion fraternity in Delhi. In fact Manav Gangwani had asked him to choose between 4 outfits & Akshaye choose the Dhoti outfit.

When asked on how he felt walking the ramp for the first time in the fashion week and his views on fashion, he said, "I enjoyed it thoroughly, it was fun, and fashion to me is an extension of your personality."

A fashion insider commented, "The fashion circle was truly stunned when they saw Akshaye walking the ramp. We always knew him to be a handsome & an iconic actor, but he looked so cool when he walked the ramp. It was good to see him in such a different light"

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