Saturday, July 9, 2011

Active Stabilizer Audio System, makes car sound more comfortable

car sound
Devices this one seems to be possessed by the car audio enthusiast. Its function is to make audio sound better, but keep the car audio system from shock and vibration due to impassable road conditions. His name is active stabilzer

The shape is just a pure thick rubber mounted on the suspension. Installation is simple because it is only affixed to the per. Although look simple, the damper function is remarkable. Rubber damper is already installed will make the suspension more tender because it is actively able to dampen shocks and vibrations. Charge devices including car audio systems become more secure, driving became more comfortable.

Work Shockbreaker also be rather light, so age could be more durable. Other impacts caused by the damping is increased braking response. Test results on the ground by one of the leading automotive magazines prove braking distances up to a total stop cars could be reduced approximately 4.5 kilometers while
braking at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

Due to the incredible functionality, consumers should be careful. Yes, because it came out kind of imitation goods. Material characteristics is more fake limp and soft because it is made of synthetic rubber. If mounted on springs, of course there will be no impact because the soft rubber dampers can not be good.

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