Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Megacity BMW Vehicle, Future Concept Cars

Future direction of the concept vehicle is already clear. Several terms, now is getting to be such obligation that is not too large size, low emissions and fuel economy must certainly be there. With the same understanding as well as BMW's long player in the automotive trying to design a concept car that will be the future of transportation. This car will be fully using electrical energy source and will carry a number of today's modern technology.

Megacity BMW Vehicle Project was actually started from Project i at the end of 2007. At that time, BMW began to try to glance at the hybrid car market with the launch of the Mini E. It was indeed a comparison between the use of fuel oil to electricity is not balanced and therefore BMW 1-series and then launched ActiveE Concept which will be launched later in 2011. This is not the last project of the BMW because for the year 2013 BMW is preparing for this Vehicle MCV or Megacity.

From the sketches on display, it appears that Megacity Vehicle body design is indeed very futuristic. It is possible that this concept will change shape when entering the later production globally but at least we can predict the basic shape of this Vehicle Megacity. From the data specification, BMW says that this MCV would accommodate four passengers although there is no clarity about the number of doors to be installed on this car.

An important component in realizing the optimal electric car is obviously the weight of the car itself. How not, the weight of the batteries alone can reach 250kg - 360kg. Therefore, BMW took dugwells Carbon to design what they call a carbon fiber cells that will become the fundamental building blocks of this MCV. With an electric motor that can generate power of 135 horsepower and weighs a light car it is expected that these MCV can achieve the ideal distance to be called as a tool of modern transportation. Source: spinnwebzine.wordpress.com

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