Sunday, June 19, 2011

Helm Terbaru Menggunakan Visor

As the wind and dust barrier, visor not only serves to protect the eyes and face from the outside elements such as dust and wind. Visor also helps the eyesight of the object in front of the rider. Cleanliness of this visor will certainly make driving much more comfortable and safer.

Several innovations make maximum visor work has been done several parties. Manufacturers and academics. "With the pin lock on the visor, the rider can see the vehicle or object in front without a hitch means," explains Andreas D. Sugih, Director of PT Central Sole Agency, Importers KBC helmets.

Manufacturers such as KBC helmets have completed visornya with such a safety lock pin which also serves to visors and preventing condensation. "Pin lock function eliminates the fog, dew or vapor in a layer of glass. This occurs when rain or cold weather, "added Zulux, Chairman of RR Owner Only that apply pin lock.

In order to obtain maximum results, use the pin lock on a glass helmet visors so no need to open-open. "Pin lock also must not be touched by hand as it will leave spots. How to clean disposable cloth can be wiped clean with a soft direction. Do not go back and forth, "said the owner of the original name of this Zulkarnain.

Fog visor cleaners on the other is an innovation of the students. A total of five students from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia (UI) that is Handi, Indrawan, Dzhuri, Michael and Rizki designed a wiper which serves to remove water droplets stuck to the visor when it rains.
This design is initiated from a survey conducted on the behavior of motorists FTUI when driving in the rain. As many as 25 percent of respondents to wipe the visor with his hands as he continued driving. As many as 10 percent raise a little visor to provide circulation space for a helmet visor or glass non-condensing.

"From there, some students do research and design under the guidance of Ir. Hendri DS. Budiono, M. Eng create tools that can function to prevent condensation on the helmet, "said Ir. Imansyah Ibn Hakim, M. Eng, Lecturer MOTOR Plus FTUI encountered in his office in the Campus UI Depok, West Java.

To move the wiper needed an electric motor with a power of 5 watts. The electric motor uses battery power from the motor. To turn it on there are on-off button. "So when the rain can be directly switched on," Faith said firmly.

According to Faith, UI student paper has been through technical calculations such as calculation of statics and dynamics of power. The strength of this account application statics force that occurs on the surface of the helmet, as well as the calculation of bending moment and tensile force.

While the power dynamics into account the movement of the wiper with an electric motor. "So stay applied," said Ir. Imansyah.

Actually wiper technology in this helmet never MOTOR Plus commentator during his visit to Taiwan last year. Sono companies namely Haihao Technology Co.., Ltd.. design a helmet that is equipped with a rubber wiper or cleaning. They have been researching since 2004.

Wiper early generation helmet features a remote that can be placed on the handlebars. So when it rains, the rider can easily activate it immediately. While the second version, just made the switch at the end of the pet helmet also contains a series of cable and home of the 4 batteries.

If the rubber cleaners that use is up, can also wear rubber wipers have a car. Can be directly removed easily. Surely, this rubber can be used for 2 years.

But the problem of the use of the wiper is also not absent, with the dusty road conditions, the wiper movement will make the dirt splashed by water and crushed rubber will add to the dirty glass. Especially if rain occurs only drizzle, just wet the surface of the visor. Therefore, this technology has not had water in special containers such as windshield wipers on a four wheeler.

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