Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Familiar with Indicators In Car Dashboard

Yup! this article will discuss seputaran car dashboard. From year to year car dashboard filled with a variety of indicators. Well not so confused as that experienced by the brother of the writer when one of the indicator lights up, here are the author gives little description of the purpose of these indicators. See the picture below. We start from left to right ok!

Air Bag.
In general, these safety devices found on the steering wheel in order to protect the driver. Along with the development of water bags are also available for passengers front and rear passengers. How air bag work? balloon will inflate when the impact / collision. Sensors contained in the bumper will send a signal to the ECU to blow the air bag when an impact. Usually collision at a speed of 40 km / h air bags inflate in less than half a second! When the air bag is required to develop a driver / passenger in a state of using seat belts. If not, it could backfire! Well if the air bag indicator is lit continue to ensure there is trouble in the air bag system or sensor-sensor. Bring to the workshop as soon as possible.

= ABS Antilock Brake System,
is one security feature that is useful to prevent brake lock up when done in a sudden braking. How do I know the ABS brakes to work or not? when the car is run later on the brakes suddenly, the brake pedal will vibrate. Lah koq vibrate? defective brakes? wrong bro, the symptoms of ABS brake pedal vibrates it working again. Here ECU works by reducing the oil pressure on the brake so the wheels are not locked and the car can be controlled safely. Apparently this is still a lot of wrong tablets, many drivers are in a hurry lift the brake pedal when the pedal vibrates. If the ABS indicator light continues to mean that there is a problem in the braking system. Immediately brought to the garage.

OD off or overdrive off.
This feature is found only in automatic transmission cars. It is located on the lever overdrive automatic, there is usually a button / knob side. This button is useful when they wanted to overtake the vehicle in front of it for example on the highway. When this push button marked with OD off light indicator needle guide then RPM will move up so cars can overtake with ease.

High beam
The car door, when this indicator light means there is an open door shut ataukurang.

If this indicator means that there are 2 flame of intent that is still working on the parking brake or brake fluid in the tube is less. Well this last one must be attentive, immediately fill brake fluid if less. Fill with DOT as recommended by the manufacturer.

Car battery.
If the indicator is still burning though the car had distarter means there is a problem in the battery or the filling system. Bring the car to the garage.
Oli. Similar to a battery indicator. If the flame continues even though the car had its road means less oil. Immediately fill the engine oil according to factory standards.

Fuel dispenser.
In general, if you stay 5 liter petrol tank, the indicator will glow. For that immediately the contents of gasoline. Oh yes, get rid of the habit every indicator is lit only fill petrol. Believed to sewage sludge in the fuel tank will be sucked in so long run fuel pump / gas station will quickly dirty & broken.

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