Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Car Reviews Smart Fortwo

Cute Smart Car ForTwo relatively new in the homeland. There are still many who are not familiar with this car. The appearance of two creatures who detikOto smart ForTwo trial enough to draw crowds.

Many people think that the Smart ForTwo is from Japan and even from China. There is also an expected smart ForTwo is children's toys (odong-odong). What nonsense yes.

That on average they certainly surprised when they learn the smart ForTwo coming from Europe. "Wow Europe huh? It is appropriate for the child to school nganter mas," said a father who came to this car when it was parked in a shopping area in Jakarta.

PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI) pertained dared to market this little car in the middle of the Indonesian automotive market climate is famous for its big cars like SUV, MPV and sedan.

In fact, MBI sure it would be best-selling car in Jakarta, as the government plan that would displace the rule 3 in 1 and replace it with a system of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP).

Want to know the feeling? Immediately, we jajal this cute car. Well, this time detikOto get a chance to try out the smart ForTwo Passion Coupe and Cabriolet.

Previously we used to refer to the exterior of the passenger car 2. There's not much difference between the smart ForTwo Passion Coupe and Cabriolet. Its exterior quite standard. Bodi front to rear is made of plastic. The dominance of the metal plate so minimal, only located in the B pillar or door handle.

Smart ForTwo Cabriolet difference for us to opening and closing the roof. Ease to use motor and hand you do not need to work. How to operate it pretty easily, press the button located in the passenger cabin Yeng precisely on the left features the ECO.

The interior is also quite standard. There is no excessive entertainment features, just radio FM / AM. To plug his iPod in the console can be opened to the left.

Smart ForTwo has adopted the paddle shift that lies behind the wheel. Interior parts such as combining vintage and futuristic impression for example on the dashboard design.

The top of the dashboard clock and RPM are wrapped with a round design. And for the interior completely in tune with peacock colors blend gray on the smart ForTwo Passion Coupe, dark gray on the Cabriolet.

When the gas pedal dibejek, 999 cc 3-cylinder engine with a power of 72 Hp and 92 Nm of torque is very responsive. We were amazed at the ability of the smart ForTwo.

1-5 gearshift is still felt hentakannya. Machines increasingly skyrocketed when he was in top rpm. Remarkably, when we tested at a speed of 100 km / h, the engine turns at just 2900 rpm. We can also weaving in between traffic jams the streets of Jakarta.

Smart ForTwo comfortable enough to be invited to maneuver to the left and right because the suspension is quite hard but smart style fortow handling a bit stiff.

The car was still able when accelerated to 140 km / h, unfortunately cute car that feels shaky due to wind gusts. Generally, smart enough to secure fortow lauched until 100/hours.

Cheap car safety feature in Europe is quite reliable. There are safety features dual airbags, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), ABS, ASR, EBD, BrakeAssist, until Hill Start Assist are embedded with chic in this cute car.

If you want to save fuel simply press the ECO button, automatic ECO blue lights in the speedometer display will light up. The system works like idling stop system. The engine would die when you press the accelerator until the car stops. If the accelerator pedal is released, the engine will flame on its own.

When congestion was enough features to save fuel. Smart ForTwo and fuel consumption can reach 1 liter of Pertamax Plus to 21 kilometers.

From what detikOto feel, smart ForTwo seemed appropriate to have. Especially for those who are hooked styles. The little car is very supportive.

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