Thursday, June 9, 2011

Car Reviews Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell Electric Supercar

Electric car technology is developing very rapidly lately. Automotive technologies that used to only serve as an alternative to conventional engines that use fuel oil is now able to compete with his ancestors. Do not be mistaken for an electric car can only be just a road but this new generation has now been able to run fast like a sports car. Try and look at the Mercedes-Benz E-Cell this SLS.

Mercedes-Benz E-Cell SLS is based on SLS AMG. From the front, the new supercar is this prototype does look dynamic with a design that no longer dominated by a fine line. Yellow color that wrapped all over his body also makes Mercedes-Benz supercar made ​​it so 'easy view'. Who would not be looking to see Mercedes-Benz E-Cell is SLS?

This car is not only good eye. In the kitchen runway of Mercedes-Benz install four electric motors at once. The total power generated four motors mounted on each wheel is 526 horsepower with a torque of 649 pound-feet. To reach speeds of 100km / h, Mercedes-Benz E-Cell SLS only takes about four seconds. It did not disappoint.

Mercedes-Benz E-Cell SLS

If the exterior certainly tempt the eye to glance, the interior is even more to make us comfortable to linger in it. In the center console mounted 10-inch wide screen and will present detailed information about the condition of this car.

Unfortunately there is no clarity about how long the battery is installed capable of supplying power to four electric motors used in this car.

Reportedly used batteries can produce power at 480kW. And if there is no problem, Mercedes-Benz plans to produce SLS E-Cell is by 2013.

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