Friday, June 10, 2011

Car Reviews Ferrari Scuderia 16M

Car Reviews Ferrari Scuderia 16M
The manufacturer of this one greatly affects the sports world vehicle, from models to the performance of highly qualified.

None other than the Ferrari that symbolizes luxury and elegance of a super sports car, with horse emblem jingkraknya these manufacturers continue to develop new technologies and expand the series to meet the needs his fans.

Now Ferrari launched the Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M marketed enjoy unlimited number only 300 units, Scuderia Ferrari Spider 16M is a product of commemorating 16 years of Formula 1 Constructor's World Championship 2008 with two exclusive colors black with gray trim and tricolor scheme.

Another specialty of the Scuderia Ferrari Spider 16M contained in the dashboard that comes with Ferrari iPod Touch 16 GB, other than that vehicle weight is 80kg lighter than the Ferrari F430 Spider series.

With naturally-aspired engine mid-rear-engine 900 V8, 4038 cc 510 hp 8500 rpm Scuderia Ferrari Spider 16M to accelerate from 0-60 mph dalah 3.7 second.

Acselerasi easily top speed can reach up to 195 mph range with tramsinisi used Ferrari F1, six-speed F1 gearbox-equipped with highly sophisticated electronic control system.

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