Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Car Reviews DeZir Renault Concept

Renault's name was always synonymous with the revolution in car design. Although the name is not too often be the speech of the brand but this one was never stops amaze.

Now, the French manufacturer is again offering a concept car called Renault DeZir. And as well as previous products, this one is brave in offering a new concept that is far from word conventional.

From the outside, it seems that Laurens van den Acker, the designer who had become a courtier Mazda, wanted to provide a design concept. Although there is still a fine line that ran on the front of the car but globally, the more dominant form lengkunglah.

Accent was barely intersect because of the bubbles that exist in the whole body of this car seems to flow like water. Revolutionary concept also occurs in the door that opened on different sides. In the driver (left) hinges are in the front while in the passenger actually quite the opposite. Renault calls this door design as Yin and Yang style.

Renault Concept DeZir

Design 'flow' is still brought up to the interior which is also revolutionary. To be honest, there is absolutely no impression of being inside the car cabin, especially on the passenger side. If the outside drenched in red paint, in the fact that even predominantly white with red accents everywhere.

The driver's seat and passenger seat made similar blends with grooves that would 'bind' for passengers and drivers do not shift when car running. In the middle there is the console that made 'floating', split between the driver and two passengers.

According to Renault, this DeZir fully use the electric engine that sits in the back cabin. Motor is capable of spewing power of 148 horsepower with a torque of 167 lb-ft. It takes only 5 seconds for DeZir to reach speeds when the car lauched 100km/hour while until they run out then the maximum speed can reach 180km/hour. Unfortunately, lithium ion batteries are installed only able to supply power only as far as 159km.

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