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Car Reviews Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze is the First-class challenger for the Civic and Altis.

Test Model LT AT Chevrolet Cruze
  • Power 141 hp
  • Torque 176 Nm
  • 0-100 13.9 seconds kpj
  • Fuel consumption is 10.0 MPA
  • 80-0 kpj 27 m

We Like
  • A fresh exterior design
  • Twin-modern and sporty cockpit
  • Control

We Do not Like
  • The machine was not powered
  • Without a Bluetooth connection
Something new course brings the freshness of the wind. Likewise, the presence of the Chevrolet Cruze, with the emergence of these are assembled in Thailand, if the secondary market previously dominated by only the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla Altis, and the Mitsubishi Lancer, consumers in Indonesia are now treated to a new player that is interesting.

Anyone coming into this class, there would be difficulties facing the Civic and Altis, but the Cruze seems to have the power of "magic". For example, since it was launched mid 2008, the Cruze has scored sales of more than 128 thousand units worldwide. Meanwhile, since January 2010, the Cruze has sold over 24,211 units. Chinese market became the largest absorber for the period January to March, by 17,030 units.

Chevrolet Cruze Design and technology

Appearances Cruze very "sensual" as a coupe 4-door (four-door coupe-like) of crossbred curved roofline with a short rear deck. No exaggeration if we cursory look Cruze as "brother", Camaro. Unfortunately, our test car was given a layer of chrome that "excessive".

Cruze is the first car of General Motors (GM) made over the Delta II platform that is used also by the Opel Astra, Opel / Vauxhall Zafira, as well as the Chevrolet Volt. Starting with safety element Cruze body structure that embraces the new system BFI (body-frame integral), namely upper body structure and frame (frame) that diteknologi as one unit to improve the solidity and stability. Sixty-five percent Cruze body structure made of steel material. For example, the pillar B has several layers of steel that each layer has different thicknesses. The difference this layer create a more robust body structure as well as lighter.

GMAWI only offers a choice of petrol engines FIG3, 4-cylinder, 1796 cc, with DCVCP. Technology DCVCP (double continuously variable cam phaser) regulate engine performance according to their needs through a sensor that will detect movement of the cam. This sensor will adjust the rotation of the cam which in turn also regulate the fuel supply valve. This engine produces maximum power of 141 hp at 6200 rpm, torque generated gkan of 176 Nm at 3800 rpm. This machine is more powerful than the Civic 1.8 liter engine (140 hp), but less than Altis (143 hp).

Chevrolet Cruze Interior

Chevrolet Cruze interior has been designed well, so did the selection of material-material. Interior Cruze themed 'Twi-cockpit', where the dashboard split by the center console which "wrap" the driver and front passenger. Twin cockpit interior is inspired alerts Corvette 1953. The buttons scattered around the dashboard quite ergonomic and easy to reach, though not without flaws. For example, the play button sensitive AC fan, often tersenggol driver's left knee, so a few times without accidentally adding fast fan speed.

Baggage Cruze presents a good shape for easy access. The back seat can be folded separately also add storage in the trunk configuration. Lucky too, that our test car equipped with a cargo net (optional). However, lever or the trunk release button inside the cabin absent. In its place is a remote button integrated on the ignition key to open the space stuff.

In addition, the cabin feels spacious leg room because it has relieved. The cabin crammed with a variety of interesting features that are designed to provide comfort. For example, climate control feature that is equipped with a water quality system (AQS), although still apply a single zone. AQS serves as a filter from the outside air that enters the cabin, so that more fresh air for its passengers.

Chevrolet Cruze Performance

1.8 liter mechanical heart sound sounds a bit harsh in the early rounds. However, softening with increase in engine speed. When driving at high speeds, the engine feels lighter in weight ditopangnya haul. Just bolt this car on speed 120 kpj, and compare it with the engine sound when the engine is accelerated in the early rounds. This makes Cruze ideal for long distance travel across the freeway. A typical American cars that are often long and deserted streets across the interstate.

Herein lies the advantage Cruze, which is headed calm and elegant, giving the feeling of comfort to the driver and other cabin penguni. With the Cruze, to travel so far out of town is not exhaustive. As for the matter of short-range acceleration, Autocar UK recorded the acquisition of sufficient time for the Cruze LT fantastic, that is 10.9 seconds for 0-100 kpj. The Cruze in Indonesia recorded a time of 13.9 seconds for a similar acceleration.

Meanwhile, in a credible form of overtaking another vehicle in the lane outside of town, or acceleration 60-120 kpj, Cruze gives a satisfactory performance. Play the accelerator pedal with a smooth and steady, then the car sped ahead with elegant when a large truck or bus. Performance like this can be obtained on full automatic transmission mode or even semi-automatic.

Chevrolet Cruze Driving and Control

This time, the Civic and Altis discover new rivals who could not be ruled out in terms of ride and control. Cruze steering feels accurate, although not sekomunikatif Civic. Power steering hydraulic still rely on conventional methods. Nevertheless, the steering still feels light at low speeds, when necessary agility, and become heavy as they should when speeding.

It is not difficult to obtain an ideal sitting position while trying to drive the Cruze. This is thanks to the regulator seat and steering wheel settings telescopic model. Visibility was very satisfactory, and this gives more confidence to those who first drove the Cruze. Feel how the Cruze faces the street. To be sure, Cruze features traction control and electronic stability program (ESP) that can be disabled via a button near the gear lever. The suspension is MacPherson strut front of him embracing model with compound crank on the back.

Suspension compound crank is used because it can provide stability at every level of acceleration. Excess suspension of this model is the camber angle (tilt wheel) that is not easily changed, especially when the car maneuver. In addition, a relatively simple mechanism to make the suspension compound crank light, strong, and does not take place. Torsion bar which contributes to the distribution of light weight vehicles. Damping suspension feels solid at various levels of speed. Felt that this car is not much swing at high speed, thereby providing confidence when maneuvering.

To stop the speed, Cruze equipped disc brakes on all four wheels. Additionally, features like ABS, EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and BA (brake assist) pinned to help maintain the quality of braking. As a result, the brake will stop the Cruze that has a weight of 1.4 tons within a distance of 27.1 meters in 2.7 seconds (the speed of 80 kpj). However, the figure is still less with the Altis which only need 25.8 meters and 2.4 seconds to stop from speed of 80 kpj. Indeed, the weight Altis only in the range of 1.2 tons.

Chevrolet Cruze Buy and Own

Chevrolet in Indonesia have been successful with a variety of brand-new car like the Captiva, Estate, Spark, Aveo and Optra. The presence of Cruze will provide a more modern feel for the Chevrolet brand here, in addition to stabilizing the image, sincerity, and consistency in the Indonesian market.

We tested the Cruze as far more than 2,000 km with through various streets, from the highway would also incline / derivative of winding. Consumption of gasoline is needed Cruze was encouraging, ie 11.2 MPA to point out the city and 8.8 MPA for use in the city who did a lot of stop and go. Cruze economical, spacious, and comfortable, although the engine and transmission are not prominent.

Chevrolet Cruze Rating

Not many cars sold have the exterior and interior designs that invite strong desire untukmendekatinya. However, Chevrolet managed to meld it into the Cruze nuance. Chevrolet Cruze is General Motors' ambitious project to get rid of Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi in the middle arena.

Chevrolet Cruze has a driving, control and transmission invited a fun frolic in the amupun out of town. Moreover, the price tag of the cheapest Cruze. It was time for you to consider seriously the Rising Star this.

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