Thursday, June 23, 2011

Window Film Car's Can Make More Elegant

Window Film Car's
Install window film car turned out to not be in vain. There are things that must be noted that all functions can be felt up. There are three main things that need to be considered the owner of the car before the technician installing window film on his car.

The first thing is functional or purpose glazing. If the owner wanted the car interior is exposed because it is dressed in such a way, then the window film used is clear. Conversely, if privacy is desired, then the dark window film installed.

Ideally have a percentage rate of 20 percent dark. While the rear side glass and approximately 60 percent. If the windshield is made darker, preferably up to 40 percent. If it is darker longer be at risk due to disturb the driver's view.

Installation of glass clear film he also had a negative effect that could invite crime. Because people can see clearly all the items in the car. If there are bad intentions, valuables can be a target

The second factor is the quality window film in rejecting solar radiation. Physically, the glass film is not indistinguishable. The only difference is the delivery time guarantee. A good window film can resist heat and solar radiation up to 98 percent. Interior, dashboard is more durable, more fuel efficient because it does not need lots of air conditioning, and for sensitive skin to avoid irritation. For a function like this, manufacturers dare to give 5-year warranty.

One thing that should not be overlooked is to consult with a shop window film installer. Say what will and purpose of the installation of window film that best suits our car types. Window film can change the appearance of the car if the election proper. For instance types such as Mercy elegant cars would be great if the install window film silver. As for the more masculine types like Terano more suited to dark or black glass film.

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