Friday, June 17, 2011

Watch out, Floods Threaten Your Car

Floods Car
Car drivers to be careful crossing streets under water. If not, the car can be broken down on the road. Then, what should you do when a car hit by flooding? Here are some tips on handling the car after being hit by floods.

When the car hit by flood light:

  • Check the condition of wheel bearings.
  • Check the condition of the brake system.
  • Check the ABS system works.
  • Check the condition of tie rod and ball joint.

Floods are:
  • Check the condition of the engine and transmission oil, when mixed with water, replace with new.
  • Open the exhaust and air filter, if there is clean water and pat dry.
  • Make sure the engine can spin the pulley by turning the key.
  • Check the cylinder by opening the spark plugs, if there is clean water in a way start engine with spark plug condition is open all.
  • Check for completeness of electrical machines, such as starter, alternator, and the ECU. If there is water, clean and dry.

Heavy flooding:
  • Check the appropriate components in the category of mild and moderate flooding, and check the components that are in the cabin.
  • Check all the ECU, combination meter, tape, relays, and fuse, and all the connectors inside the cabin. Pastika all free of water, then wash and dry it using a blower or hair dryer.
  • Bring the car to the garage in order to get further examination.

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