Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips Let's Maintain Your Power Steering Car

Power Steering Car
Power steering is a tool tool that can help the driver to turn the steering wheel more easily. Power steering consists of two kinds, namely, the fluid system and electrical system.

Fluid system using brake fluid to move the steering box. While the system uses electric motors to move the steering box that does not require a complicated routine maintenance.

However, for fluid systems, there are some things that need our attention. Because the owner of the vehicle often underestimate this part, so do not take good care. Some things are:

1.Usahakan to not delay your car regular servicing schedule. Power steering is one of the items required on checks.

2.Di home, you can check the color of brake fluid. Brake fluid that conditions are good, red. When you change color to black, brake fluid is bad sign and should be replaced. Use brake fluid replacement should take place in workshops and performed by trained technicians.

3.Perhatikan volume of brake fluid. Not recommended to use this device if the volume of brake fluid under the sign min (minimum) because it will damage the seals and other components. Repair costs are very expensive.

So note the brake fluid container sticks. If it does not touch the surface of the oil, means the brake fluid is below min. Immediately taken to the garage because there may have been a leak.

4.Gantilah brake fluid after 30.000 km or one year. Replacement / addition of brake fluid should match the car manufacturer's manual.

5.Pada during routine servicing, ask the mechanic to check the condition of drive belts (power steering pump drive belt from the engine).

If the belt is broken, you still can drive your car, but it takes extra energy for power steering is not working.

Indications of a power steering problem is getting heavier steering wheel turned, the steering wheel squeaks when turning, the steering is inconsistent, sometimes feels light and heavy sometimes, strange noises.

To be durable, do not force the steering turned out / turn broken. And make it a habit to check the condition of brake fluid every two weeks along with battery and radiator fluid examination

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