Friday, June 17, 2011

Tips Choosing Tires and Wheels for Car Racing

Tires Wheels for Car Racing
For the purposes of racing, the car must be capable of gripping the asphalt road to perfection. Hence, a tire that is used must have good traction. Such an ability is possessed by a compound made ​​from soft tires.

This type of softer tires. It is used specifically for racing. If it is used daily wear faster. Because the software, power cengkramnya better so that cars are safer when eating corner. Soft compound tire is still divided its kind to become a full semi-slick and slick. Full slick tires do not have grooves on the tread. Flat and smooth with no grooves. These types of tires have good grip on dry tracks. Opposite the semi-slick tires have a little groove with a besarbesar pattern.

Function plot to brush the water. So this type of tire designed in wet or slippery track, "he added. Because each tire has its own character. It is recommended that car owners who follow the racing event brings both, full and semi-slick slick. If the tire should be replaced soft, alloy wheels original wheels were advised to take luggage car.

If you want to replace the wheels, better if you use a wheel made ​​in Japan. The material is lighter yet more robust quality

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