Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tips Car Proper Temperature, Fuel Save More

Car Fuel Save More
ON a car club meeting, a friend proudly showed the needle temperature which indicates the position of a quarter car, while in general for the same car it should show the position of a half. He considers the engine cooling system on the car works well and will be free from the problem of overheating. Meanwhile there is also a friend who just pull the thermostat from the engine for fear of overheating problems happen again. Both of the above it also occurs in many other brands of cars, especially European cars.

What negative impact for the car? Car engine works optimally at a temperature high enough (about 93 ยบ C). If the machine works at low temperatures will create rapid engine component damage, detonating, creating pollution and wasteful of fuel. For that most important things done by all produksen car is to make temperature control for the machine to reach temperature quickly it works and keeping it constant (stable). In addition to machine the ideal working temperature, for the complete combustion process, gasoline and air mixture takes appropriate.

Thermostat as a temperature regulator

Car engine that uses water cooling system uses a temperature control thermostat. Thermostat functions as a valve / faucet water flow from the engine to the radiator. While still cold, the thermostat closes so that the water would spin in the engine block which make ideal working temperature is reached quickly. When the working temperature is reached, the thermostat opens so that water began to flow into the radiator to be cooled to a temperature not exceeding the temperature of the engine works, when temperatures are too cold the thermostat back cover, and so on making the engine temperature becomes stable.

Thermostat as a 'scapegoat'

Often heard the case of overheating caused by the cooling system, or the case of machines that are always in hot conditions. Of those cases that suggests not a few workshops to repeal the thermostat because it is considered as the culprit. There are also workshops suggested that replacing the thermostat temperature lower than the standard work on the grounds Indonesia climate is quite hot (tropical). Repeal the thermostat is wrong, because the machine long enough to reach the temperature it works, do not even reach the ideal working temperature. The temperature of the machine becomes unstable, while high-speed downhill or engine temperature will be very cold. Replacing the thermostat temperature lower employment than the recommended factory also makes the engine work under ideal working temperature.

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