Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tips Car Fix Stuck Electric Window

CAR is already equipped with power windows should routinely check the right door window glass. Press the power window. Most likely, the window still normalnormal only. One-touch glass up or down smoothly. But, try doing the same thing on the rear glass window left or right.

Do-do, one or both of the glass door windows can not go up and down smoothly as the front right window. Feels a bit stilted. Even bad at all. That's complaints about power windows presented the riders in general. Stuck on the glass rear window. Front right side window glass is relatively more smoothly because it is frequently operated. In general, congestion occurs because of rust on the components of the power window. Usually there's rust-rust in the metal-metal regulator.

Rust was also frequently found in the teeth of the driving motor power windows. Rust itself is formed due to water entering through the rubber-rubber (seal) the door. Therefore, to prevent cases like this, there are some simple things that we should do. Replace rubber glass list if the rubber has hardened and damaged. Seal does not close completely this is what makes water break and enter, making rust on metal. Often operate power windows.

Both the glass front doors and rear window. This operation can minimize the corrosion process. With these two things, the possibility of power window jams can be avoided. But, if the congestion is already happening, the solution is also easy. Namely, stay clean rust and lubricate (give fat / grease) metals earlier. Just, please note that in order to dismantle the power window motors and touch a little bit complicated. Need to open a lot of bolts installed in car doors. Be careful if you want to do it themselves. Some tips on handling power window jammed mention steps that seem easy.

Starting from prying door trim, glass player to open the lever, remove the power window switch to clean and lubricate the metal rusted. But, in our opinion, should leave the handling of power window jammed into the mechanics at the garage only. Because, when one opens, it is quite possible there are parts that actually broken. In addition, since the keys and bolts pretty much, the possibility of one pair could have happened.

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