Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tips Car Care For Summer

Feeling worried about car owners against the blazing sun in summer is very reasonable. Because the high air temperature plus low air humidity, and fluctuating weather changes, can be bad for the car. Limitations of the parking area is closed, forcing the car parked in the open exposed to direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight can result in paint and rubber car. Paint and rubber car will be damaged quickly because of high air temperatures. Therefore, it needs special care and treatment when the car is frequently exposed to direct sunlight.

We share some things that need to be done to reduce the adverse effects of sunlight on the car. To reduce the heat of the sun breaking through into the cabin, pasangi car with window film that can withstand radiation. Sunlight sooner or later will also cause the paint becomes opaque until broken. Should do the polishing the car body on a regular basis. Far better if the car is given a protective coating of paint of paint.

Then get rid of stuff is explosive from inside the cabin. As gas lighters, air freshener or perfume containing aerosols, and the like. Cars parked in direct sunlight is like an oven because of its body made ​​of metal. Lower the window slightly (approximately 0.5 to 1 cm) so that the pressure and heat in the cabin is not too high. High cabin temperatures can also trigger the outbreak of the vehicle windshield.

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