Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stickers still Beautiful, Car Paint More Durable

Car Paint
Install the sticker on the car body is generally intended to add a pattern or color accent on the original car color of innocence. It could also be for purposes of branding for a particular company. As the car paint, stickers already installed on the car were also requires maintenance and cleaning. The goal of that sticker still seems interesting that the overall appearance of the car was still beautiful. There are a few suggestions that could be considered before and after installing bumper sticker.
Before installing the decal, first check the quality of paint. Original paint that still will not be disturbed if fitted sticker. But that does not paint a full body re likely to be peeled off if the sticker is removed. If repainted but only in-SPET in part, would be peeled off. Most car owners do not understand this and tend to blame the mounting stickers.

High-quality adhesive stickers will not damage car paint if exfoliated. One nice feature is the sticker glue is odorless. Available colors are also brighter and stronger, just like the color of car paint. Good quality can last up to 5 years. But a year is cheap wrote faded or peeling.

Car paint now that most contain elements of metallic colors require more rigorous treatment if fitted sticker. Installation of a sticker that simply stipping or certain motifs are advised not done for long periods of time. The reason is, this will make the paint become discolored if the sticker is removed. If not cleaned often and frequently bronzed, the use of stickers may still survive 1-2 years. But if rarely cleaned and are often hot, the paint was not covered stickers will be more dull than the paint that covered the sticker. This does not happen if the sticker attached nge-block the entire body. Even more durable paint.

The sticker is mounted on the car, attempted not exposed to drugs whose shape cream cleanser. Drug-shaped cream is left on the pore surface of the sticker, not as fluid is more easily cleaned with water. This will make the colors more stickers fade and not shiny anymore. Because it is porous, the more frequent washing, car stickers will be more

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