Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Byson 2011

Modifications Yamaha Byson 2011 Pictures

Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Byson 2010

Yamaha Motor Modification Byson (Simple But Cool) Yamaha Motor unit Byson is still limited, so for those prospective customers should wait no longer than 1 month may have motor Byson, but this bike has been there and is the incarnation of the Yamaha FZ16 which had already circulating in the City of Taj Mahal. and there have been modifications to motorcycles Byson Here are some motor modifications Byson (FZ16) of Indian children. Maybe just for inspiration, although I'm sure modifiers Indonesia would be more creative. to which interested Byson yamaha motor credit can view.

Gambar Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Byson 2010

Modifications Byson-Three images above show a model of extreme modification by adding a modification of the fairing on the bike Yamaha R15 Byson.
Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Bison 2010

Modifikasi Motor 2010 Yamaha Byson - Bison

Modifications Byson - From the picture above it looks seen if not much that can be modified with the motor Byson, at most only play with color, swing arm, rims and headlights.
Modifications Byson-Two last shot quite simple but striking, with a design similar light helmet spartan army

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