Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Loved your Car Door

AS access in and out of cars, car doors should always be treated in order to function normally. What good can a car go fast and have a look if the interior is cool and out of the car a bit difficult because the door jammed.

So that the door remains smooth and normal functioning, there are several ways you can do car owners. Professionals said that the stopper on the door engseldan oil should be given routinely. Do not let dry. When dry, the friction between the metal hinges and stopper will cause wear. Pads and pen were also disrupted.

The effect door so it would not center and hard to open the lid. Habit of closing the door too hard, according  is also not a good habit. When closed, the door will lock automatically attaches with a hook on the body touches the car body. If it snapped loudly, the collision between the door lock with hook too hard body. On new cars already lining the plastic. But if slamming constantly, long lost, too.

Better lubricated oil and remove the habit of closing the door with a slam. Still in touch with the car door, there is a mistake often made ​​the car owner. Car owners smearing rubber denganoli glass. This treatment actually interfere with the performance of the rubber glass. Long rubber will expand. As a result even hinder the movement of glass

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