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Jacqueline Fernandez 2011 pics

Jacqueline Fernandez imuge
Jacqueline Fernandez 2011
Jacqueline Fernandez
It’s almost as if a genie has been watching over her and guiding her every step of the way. Jacqueline’s journey to fame began in her teens, when she was just fourteen. Born to Sri Lankan mother and Indian father, Jacqueline was raised in Bahrain where she began her first stint on TV with a fitness show.

After doing her college from Australia she returned Sri Lanka to live with her grandparents and she turned a TV reporter for Sri Lanka’s internal war. A big break came her way in 2006, when she won the Miss Sri Lanka crown and later on participated in Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles.
Jacqueline Fernandez pic
Jacqueline Fernandez imaug
Jacqueline Fernandez photo
Jacqueline Fernandez 2011
For Jacqueline Fernandes, it was a childhood dream to be an actress. For someone who started earning quite young and turned independent in her teens, Jacqueline dabbled with quite a few jobs, mostly related to glamour world, before Bollywood came calling with Sujoy Ghosh's ALADIN for this Sri Lankan beauty.

"Though I belong to Sri Lankan origin, I was born and raised in Bahrain. I did my high school from there as well. Later I went for college degree in Australia and it was only after that I came to Sri Lanka. I started living with my grand parents and joined a TV station there", recalls Jacqueline who has hosted quite a few shows on TV in both Bahrain and Sri Lanka

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