Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hansika Motwani 2011 pics

Hanssikaa - yes that’s her official name now - celebrates her birthday today. The girl who will turn 17 hates the concept of parties and partying, and hence she won’t be partying today. Instead, she will spend first hold a prayer and then visit an orphanage. Her mother says that she’s a religious girl. Incidentally, the name change has been ‘prescribed’ by her hero Himesh Reshammiya. “Mom likes it, Himesh knows astrology, and I’m happy with it,” smiles the happy kid with all innocence. Now that’s a unique gift, what say?

After her debut film Aap Ka Surroor, will now be seen in a music video, Ishq Na Karna directed by Divya Khosla Kumar. “I know not many actors would want to do music albums after their first film, but I just couldn’t refuse this one. It’s special. I’m working with the Kumars and it has been a nice experience.” About life post-Aap Ka Surroor, Hansika says, “I’m busy shooting. It’s hectic, but fun. I’m the same person though. Success hasn’t gone to my head.” But when asked about her future projects, the actress prefers to be tight-lipped like an experienced actor. She says, “I can’t say much about the movies I am doing right now; eventually I’ll be able to divulge more details.”

Hansika Motwani, the little girl of Koi Mil Gaya fame had every male swooning over her, as she toned down a lot in the footsteps of Kareena Kapoor.

In an attempt to attain the famous size zero, Hansika has undergone a rigorous diet to lose her baby fat. Money Hai Toh Honey Hai, her Hindi movie in production requires a slim, svelte heroine, so this could be a reason for Hansika to lose weight.

At a recent public appearance at a fashion show, Hansika’s new skinny look bowled over many, but many traditionalists felt that more was better for a teenager.

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