Sunday, June 19, 2011

Excellence I Drive Throttle Controller

Throttle Controller
I Drive Throttle Controller is the acceleration power control devices on cars. System to regulate the percentage of torque on gas. These devices can increase the pull of the car and save fuel consumption.

I drive a car with a system designed to drive by wire. So as to adopt the system plug and play without the need to cut or add to the cable. I drive has three modes.

Normal Mode is the mode that makes the normal gases such settings without a throttle controller.
Sporty Used with emphasis on the acceleration torque. So that will improve the performance of the pull of the car. The result, making the car more responsive.
Economy It is preferred because it can make a smooth acceleration. Most importantly, this mode can save fuel. Important I-Drive Throttle Controller? Yes, because its function is diverse.

Using plug and play system (unplug and plug).
Make the car more responsive
Save fuel
Can be used as a volt meter
Small and dynamic forms. So young h dashboard.
Easy to operate.
Plug itself can be dismantled for ten minutes without the need to call a mechanic.

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