Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elisabetta Canalis Is Back On The Market!

George Clooney is not a regular long-term relationships with its history in Elisabetta Canalis has paid the price. The actor, who felt suffocated, dropped his girlfriend and took a breath of fresh air!

And say that we already saw her succeed where so many others had failed. After two years of love story with the single most coveted the world, everyone wanted to believe that the beautiful Italian had finally managed to pass the challenge of the rope around his neck. Involved? An interview with Italian magazine Chi earlier this month, during which the veline had suggested that the handsome Hollywood could make him some promises. " I could never be with someone who says he does not want children with me, or do not want to marry me every time he opens his mouth , "she had said. " My boyfriend did not give an interview about his private life since 1999. Everything you read is just a rehash of what has been written in the past. " With such statements, it was entitled to believe that man had the words must have to hope its beautiful in private. Obviously not. According to a friend of the star, Clooney would have panicked, feeling the noose tighten.

The couple was already on the downward slope for several months. The problems started during their stay in Mexico, Mexico City, to celebrate the new year. " It made ​​him crazy , "he told a magazine close to Us Weekly . " They kept bickering about trifles. He just wanted to go out with his buddies and more or less trying to get rid of it and leave it with her ​​friends " . The 50-year-old actor he wanted test its power of seduction? Certainly.

George Clooney used his freedom of singles then started to put distance in the relationship that united the Italian Elisabetta. Indeed, the last time the couple was seen together was in February in Kentucky. The young woman had then made the trip, Italy-United States anyway, for dinner with her boyfriend and his parents. Since then, the couple has not been seen together. The young woman was also made at Cannes only. The actor then gave as an excuse for his fine work time too busy. Not so loaded that it since it still took the time to dine with her in mid-June in Italy. Belle unless the intention is known to have used this dinner to end their relationship. Celibacy, what else?

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