Sunday, June 19, 2011

Car Tips Engine Cooling System Maintenance

Car Tips Engine Cooling
Attention to the other cooling system components are also necessary for the machine is always in top condition:

Flush and replace the coolant regularly. The quality and type of coo Lant used largely determines the durability of the engine, it is recommended to use Extended Life Coolant (ELC) or Surfactant C oolant (SC), some products sold ready to pour the coolant.

Avoid using tap water or well water to fill the radiator. use distilled water mixed with Coola nt as inhibitors (preventing rust and crust). The use of aq uadest alone can not prevent rust.
Radiator Coolant Use a good quality, and use ice UAI's recommendation.
Replace the radiator cap every 4-5 years, causing damage to the radiator cap can not remove the excess pressure so that it will damage the cylinder head gasket and head of the radiator, use the original radiator cap.
Replace the thermostat every 5 years, if you will be using the thermostat temperature lower than the recommended factory agree, do n more than 5 ยบ C difference. Remember, do not be off the thermostat.
Check the fan motor performance or Visco fan.
Replace waterpump if already detected occurred kebocora n or weak water flow.
If the radiator is made ​​from plastic broken / cracked, replace the radiator and the resort to the original head, do not replace the brass, because in case of over-pressure, then the comp on en the other machine will be broken or cracked
Use radiator coolant for diesel engines should be me wearing a kind of extended life.

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