Saturday, June 11, 2011

Car Reviews Chevrolet Orlando

General Motors (GM) automobile manufacturers from the United States, plans to launch a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) besutannya newer, Chevrolet Orlando. Plan the launch held at the Paris Auto Show 2010, September-October. GM claims, seven-passenger MPV is more flexible and high practicality.

According to the entry of GM MPV-crossover category because it has a low roof line like a sedan. GM will be offered in two engine options, petrol and diesel. Each is, 1,800 cc petrol engine that powered 141 horsepower, two 2,000 cc diesel engine with 131 horsepower power and the same diesel engine-powered 163 horsepower.

Car Reviews Chevrolet Orlando, With its excellent and latest technology, Orlando GM promises will provide value for money as well as functions that are very high. Seeing the shape glance looks similar to other Chevrolet Cruze product. No one was because his true valuation of Orlando Chevrolet Cruze sedan platform. Orlando can be called using the tires of various sizes, including size 16 and 18 inches. Seen from outside, the Chevrolet Orlando is no need too much comment. Because the concept of this car already has the aura of an elegant but sturdy-looking masculine and cool to look at.

Moreover, this car is also equipped with a variety of entertainment devices as well as six airbags which will certainly add to the comfort and safety when driving. And because the concept is basically the MPV, it is not strange that the advantages of this car is the size of the cabin is somewhat relieved. With three rows of seats in the cabin, Orlando was able to carry many passengers.

Meanwhile, if you want to carry more cargo, Orlando seemed very friendly because it has a large space in the back. Not enough? Relax, because the roof of the Chevrolet Orlando was also ready to help accommodate your luggage.

In the cabin, especially on the dashboard-GM designed it with the concept of dual cockpit as used Chevrolet Corvette sports car. With this design, theater style shades with a touch of blue light tersemburat with strong when we're in the cabin. You could say that Orlando is a combination of Cruze with the Corvette.

Orlando's own concept first introduced at the Paris Motor Show 2008 event. Orlando crossover concept that time is quite ignite the curiosity of visitors grand automobile exhibition in France it. GM optimistic besutannya car back will attract the attention of visitors at the exhibition site automotive Paris motor show 2010. Unfortunately GM did not want to give Orlando the price information will be released.

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