Friday, June 17, 2011

Assessment Factor Car Audio Contest

Car Audio Contest
ONE class in the competition car modification is car audio contest. For the hobbyist modifications. Audio contest into a class is quite challenging because it reduces their creativity and imagination to build a sound system that looks unique, original output plus the steady and comfortable on the ear.

To look clearly depends imagination and creativity of each individual, while the output of the sound produced is strongly influenced by the reliability engineers in setting the current phase of the installation. Besides these two things, the assessment of judges is also influenced by several other factors.

"Face value is calculated for the purchase of the device alone. Cables and other passive components are not included in the count. The benchmark used is the highest market price, "he explained. Installation factors will obviously note the jury. Standards must be good and safe installation. An example is the connection cable must be soldered and fuel hoses. Usage and capacity fuses must also be in accordance with the electricity used cars. Completeness of the bolts on the speakers also did not escape the attention of the assessment team.

"All processes intalasi there should be photos and notes because it can add value. Historical development of audio is also included. So start the car looks like nothing until after it is built so as to what should have photos and history, "

Preparation and placement of box speakers in the car not to disturb the driver comfort. This will reduce the points. From behind the wheel, drivers forward view, rearview mirror left right and center should not be hindered at all.

Operation of the steering wheel, gear lever and pedals also have barrier-free. Sometimes, the car owner to choose a specific theme to build the audio. Use accessories that add beauty and cosmetics audio visual appearance will obviously boost the ratings points. The latter is the quality of the resulting sound output. The audio system will be assessed based on the staging, imaging and tonal accuracy. Setting an appropriate and correct during the install m, emegang menantukan important role that the quality of his voice. "Do not forget to mute pop on and pop off,"

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