Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Advanced Driving Guide For Beginners

Driving Guide Beginners
NEEDS to be able to drive a car when it's become its own demands. Therefore, many people try to be driving a car. Although self-taught, we must still consider the standard of road safety. Well, for those of you who just learned to drive check out the following tips:

Driving Position

Our sitting position is critical to driving comfort and serenity. Sitting with his back leaning against the back will make us relax and give a free hand positions. Laying hands on the steering wheel in direction 9 o'clock position and 3 will give maximum flexibility although they had to rotate 45 degrees. Provide adequate space for legs and use a little force when both the gas pedal or the clutch. If less convenient, to choose the position of the needle at number 10 and 2.

Steering Control

In a maneuver to use both hands in harmony. If using one hand, chances are fairly high off the handle. At the time of cornering and straight back into position, remove the steering wheel to provide automatic lap but still controlled.

Note About Condition

For new drivers, get to know the character of other road users. Many drivers are emotional, aggressive and careless. Better to give in and not fight over the road. Conversely, if he met the driver that runs slow, it's better to be patient and look for the right time to precede. Always monitor the rearview mirror to be careful with the motor driver who often went into the gap between cars.

Know the Roads and Traffic Signs

When crossing a road the first time, note the signs for directions, and try to remember the circumstances. Ramburambu traffic should also be understood, not just comply. Avoid Fast Track Do not walk slowly on the far right lane. Right lane is to precede. This is the reason why many drivers are desperate precedes the far left lane. So do not blame their past that may be in a hurry but some stubborn drivers that are not willing to give way on the far right lane.

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