Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Steps to Keeping the Car Air Conditioner Stay Cold

Car Air Conditioner
WE would always hope that the car air conditioner continues to provide the cool air in the cabin. However, if you remember to take care of him? And to keep the car air conditioner durable cold, just need to check the car air conditioner periodically once a year. You should turn off the switch the car air conditioner so as not to be wasted when the engine is turned on, it is useful as the austerity measures. There are parts of the car air conditioner to consider in the treatment measures and this can be done alone at holiday time.

  • Check your car air conditioner hose, if there are leaks or not. Due to leakage of this section may cause the car air conditioner is no longer cold.
  • Also check whether the receiver / dryer is still suitable to be used or must be replaced. Notice the indicator. When damage occurs, a quick change. Because if not, over time the damage will spread to other tools such as the expansion valve, compressor.
  • Check also whether the lubricant is still adequate or need to be added.
  • Clean the condenser. Because as a heat exchange (where the hot air circulation switch), will certainly a lot of dirt accumulate in these parts and can reduce the cold air produced by the car air conditioner.
  • Also check the cooling unit. When this section is dirty, clean it immediately. Because if not, the cold air generated certainly can not break out because of dirt covered with thick walls of his unit. What's worse, it turns out can cause rust and if a leak can occur during cleaning.
  • Do not forget to check the freon car air conditioner. Still worth it or not. To fill the freon or gas that must be examined first by the car air conditioner repair service.
  • Also check and clean the evavorator this part of the dirt.

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