Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Side Effects Body Tattoo

tattoo cewek telanjangBecause the tattoo done on the skin, then there is likely to have skin infections or other complications due to these body tattoo action. Health risks that may occur are as follows:

Allergic Reaction

The dye used in tattooing, especially the red color can cause allergic skin reactions. As a result there will be itching in the areas of the body ditattoo. It can even last for several years after tattooing the body is made​​.

Skin infection

Creating a body tattoos can also cause local bacterial infection in areas of the body that made ​​the tattoo. Symptom that is felt when an infection is redness, swelling and pain and the presence of pus in the tattoo is located.

Other skin problems

Sometimes lumps called granulomas can occur in setira areas of the body in the tattoo with color, especially red. Creating a tattoo also can cause tissue growth around the tattoo called keloids.

Communicable disease

If the equipment used to make a tattoo is contaminated with infected blood disease, the disease can also be entered into the blood. Diseases can be transmitted through blood include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus, and HIV infection that can cause AIDS.

Complications during MRI

Although rare, tattoos or permanent makeup can cause burning or swelling when examined by MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). In some cases, the pigment in the tattoo can also affect the quality of images produced during MRI.

When you experience an allergic reaction, skin infection or other skin problems, should consult a doctor to get appropriate treatment. In some cases, even necessary tattoo removal procedures.

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