Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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  • notmenotyou
    Sep 15, 05:31 PM
    3MP iPod camera phone?!?!? i'll be the first one in line to have it:p

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  • iGary
    Sep 14, 10:11 AM
    MBP C2D IS going to happen. sometime between now and (for example) a year from now. saying "there is no way they will get announced on the 24th becuase its a photo event" is quite simply ignorant. it most certainly MAY happn, and the other machines that were released at the last photo event as mentioned above proove there is even a precident for it happening. i personally think its seems reasonably likely it will happen on the 24th, tho i would not bet on it.

    edit: removal of an uneccesary comment

    Not happening on the 24th fo any reason - photo, computer, or other wise.

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  • Warbrain
    Sep 26, 08:25 AM
    I call up Verizon and tell them I have a problem, on last thursday, I talk to a supervisor and we get the issue worked out. She asked me when I would like my credit applied, as soon as possible or on my next billing cycle. I told her as soon as possible, I had my credit applied to my account saturday.

    I know this got a off topic, but switching back to a crap company like Cingular is not in my future, no matter if they call me up and offer me a free iPhone to come back to them.


    You got customer service from Verizon? Is this before or after they tacked on the taxes that aren't being collected anymore? Or crippled the Bluetooth on their phones? Or put a terrible GUI on their phones? Or any other number of things that they've done that are anti-consumer?

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  • zwida
    Aug 28, 12:33 PM
    Assuming they release it tomorrow, would it be available at the apple store right away(not the online store)? :confused:

    Unlikely. It almost always takes time for these to show up at the retail location.

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 22, 08:26 PM
    Still rockin' the 2008 24" Core2 Duo 3.06 Ghz iMac. Best Mac I've ever owned. Next Mac will be whatever the largest screen they make and fastest chip they have whenever this one dies. 100% sold on the iMac.

    I'm still rockin on a 20 inch late 06 iMac. It's been relegated to email checker and emergency C4D node...the thing will not die.

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 25, 01:16 PM
    Hilarious to all those people who jumped on the THUNDERBOLT bandwagon. No thunderbolt devices yet and they have the hideous old case design.



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  • Mal67
    May 1, 12:34 AM
    I absolutely agree. This is the same reason why I was hoping the USB 3.0 would be on this version. I realize now that is almost certainly not going to happen. I just thought that with so many PC's (including some PC laptops) already offering USB 3.0 that maybe the brand spankin' new iMac might be so equipped.

    ivybridge imac 2012 for usb3?

    + when will we see the sandybridge mac minis?

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  • CrackedButter
    Sep 19, 04:29 PM
    As I stated in a few posts up I'm not that happy with the pricing of the iTunes Movies, but, if I were to buy any I would quickly run into a huge problem - STORAGE! I have an iBook with 60 GB drive and it's almost full from other stuff.

    Apple should come out with a home storage network server with RAID, etc.

    Err, buy an external HD or upgrade your iBook HD!

    I have a 1Ghz iBook with a 80GB HD (upgraded it myself) and 2 160GB firewire HD's so what was your point?

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  • hglk
    Mar 22, 01:33 PM
    I don't know if they can make the iMacs look better, IMO. They look really nice. hardware improvements would be the best way to keep these machines alive. unless ofcourse they pull of something amazing like they always do lol.

    To each their own, but in all reality, these are the best looking "all-in-ones" that i have ever seen.

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  • BobbyCat
    Apr 30, 03:08 PM
    OK, we're all expecting SB and Thunderbolt, along with better GPUs. We can reasonably take these improvements for granted.

    But the big question as always : what prices we're gonna get? I surely hope Apple doesn't increase the price on all 4 models like they did not long ago.
    Please please Steve, no increase this time, and even better, a slight drop would be mostly welcome.
    After all, the financial results have been terrific several quarters in a row, isn't it time to give a little back to the fans? Like a 100$ drop accross the line :D

    I know I know. What the heck ... :o

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 19, 11:36 AM
    I'm well aware of that, but many here have no idea that Samsung is much bigger than Apple.

    Every time I hear someone say, "Apple should buy Samsung" it just really solidifies in my mind that a lot of people here are in fact just mindless drones to the Apple logo. Another thing people forget is that Samsung makes the chips technology that Apple assembles into a pretty little package and re-brands "iPhone/iPad"

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  • jason221
    Apr 25, 05:28 PM
    I wish they would release it before September 28... I'd rather wait for the new design but college starts this fall so that's not an option. Oh well.

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  • Chimera
    Oct 12, 12:21 PM
    Red in the aluminum would be nice I guess, although 5% isn't much to give away.

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  • Aperture
    Sep 10, 05:00 PM
    What time is the Sept. 12th event taking place? Anyone know? I am going to be in school and want to know if I am going to be able to get in on the action live. I doubt it though.:(

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  • AlBDamned
    Aug 23, 06:12 PM
    You seem to be unfamiliar with our court system. This case could have dragged on for YEARS, and cost Apple a TON of money--possibly far more than 100 Million.

    Not really. Creative was going broke. This was the best possible outcome for them.

    To Apple it could have made all the sense of a business deal.

    Imagine the lawyers:

    "Ride it out and you may win or you may lose and it'll cost you $200-250 million.

    Pay up now, get Creative on board, don't appear to be the bad guy and close any issues with patents - now and in the future - for $100 million."

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  • 4God
    Aug 28, 12:12 PM
    I think I'll just purchase a Core 2 Duo myself and drop it in my iMac.
    Conroe, right?

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  • Mal
    Sep 14, 02:05 AM
    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Seriously, that thing looks awful. I know it's just an "artists rendition", but that artist deserves to be taken outside and shot. If Apple brings out one of those, I will have lost all my faith in Jonathan Ives and the design team. No, I won't abandon Apple, but I will abandon my dream of owning an Apple phone someday.


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  • MooVitZ
    Sep 26, 08:44 PM
    who the hell are cingular? what about orange t-mobile, vodaphone or o2? I guess it's US only again...

    Cingular is one of the only GSM providers in the USA. This is great news!

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  • Bob Caruthers
    Mar 24, 05:08 PM
    I'm right behind you, my iMac G5 had a logic board issue...got it working though on all external drives...talk about slow

    I'm working in Safe Boot until whenever the new ones come out.
    I have pretty much everything except audio!

    Sep 15, 05:46 PM
    A shame about scrapping the idea of a ground up design - I hope that doesn't lead to a lack of innovation. That's what really leads Apple along! Although if they just make a killer phone (I'm sure they will at some point...) it's bound to sell buckets loads!


    It just said it was going with off the shelf parts, so hopefully the design can boast innovation.

    Sep 26, 08:33 AM
    What a joy killer. Launch the iphone as network independant then let carriers subsidize it if they want. Even if I was a cingular customer I sure do not want a phone locked to any one carrier. All of this because we (americans in general) only want cheap cheap subsidized phones.

    The good news here is that it will likelye be GSM based (hello world).

    Apr 4, 12:41 PM
    Me neither. I wonder if the suspects were armed...or at least how smashing glass doors escalated into gunfire.

    It mentions in the article that there was an exchange of gunfire, so apparently the bad guys had guns. Chalk one up for the good guys....

    Sep 5, 08:30 AM
    Maybe Apple wants to be ahead of the rumors. :)


    Apr 22, 03:20 PM
    As long as it doesnt shudder with the OS X animations and it plays 1080p smoothly, why does it matter? Do people really game on an Air?

    I play simple games like portal and amnesia on it, and even those will get mine quite toasty.

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