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mans dress shirt,s

As part of a formal wear, a man's dress shirt is designed to be worn with a suit and necktie. In the US, a dress shirt is referred to a long-sleeved, button-down, shirt made of light-weight woven material: linen, cotton or polyester, or a combination of cotton and polyester are the most common.

On the other body, a woman’s dress shirt is called a blouse. Woman sometimes wear a dress shirt and necktie or bow tie as part of a uniform. The buttons on a lady’s dress shirt is found on the left, where as, the men shirt buttons are on the right. A woman’s dress shirt or blouse is normally figure-fitted.

Buttons are essential features, but, do you know how many buttons are there on a dress shirt placket?  Dress shirts normally have seven buttons down the front, regardless of shirt sizes.  When I first find out, I counted the front buttons on every dress shirt in my closet, and in clothing stores thereafter. It was true to the fact. Buttons may be placed to button-down cuffs and collars, too.
Dress shirt collars vary. There are different degrees of cuts to compliment the type of suitable tie knots. Common shirt collars are the button-down pointed collars, the rounded collars, the wing collar and the “Windsor” collar—a wide cut away to accommodate the Windsor tie knot.

French Cuff

Shirt cuffs are generally sewn on the tail-end of the long-sleeve, although, it can be a separate band of fabric.  Barrel Cuffs are button together. French Cuffs are folded back and held together with cuff links, or silk knots. The French Cuffs are common in the United Kingdom, and the Barrel Cuffs are used for most occasions in the United States.
Have you ever noticed a dress shirt placket? It is the front center-piece where the front buttons and the fabric two sides overlap. The overlapped fabric stops the buttons from rubbing against your skin. The placket is normally used to help put on and take off clothing, but, it is also use as a fashion statement.

Plackets are more often made with double layers of fabric to support the stress placed on them by buttons, zippers or snaps. The buttons on the placket can be designed to be visible or hidden. Plackets can also be found on the neckline of a shirt, cuffs, pants or lady’s skirt.

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