Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heart Break Quotes

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  • ctdonath
    Apr 4, 12:53 PM
    I don't think that's sad.

    Humans are pre-programmed to take such an action hard. Some don't, usually as a result of contemplation and training before such an incident. It is, however, natural to react that way. Best for all to recognize different people may take such a grave matter very differently, and that's ok.

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 14, 03:18 PM
    Actually October 19, 2005 for the 970MP.

    the original quote was to "G5/PPC fanboys," not "970MP fanboys." But whatever. My point is that it's hardly surprising that a bleeding edge chip beats an old one. That's kinda the point of technological progress, no?

    Now u see why Steve wet his pants when he saw these chips over a year ago. Then Decided to switch , He knew if he had not. Apple's platform would be dead in the water.

    So then AMD and IBM are dead in the water? Somebody better call them and tell them.

    Believe it or not, the fact that intel is releasing new chips does not mean that the other companies have given up or that intel has "won." IBM's desktop and server chips have been and will continue to be very competitive. Apple switched because PPC was not cutting it for laptops.

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  • snack
    Sep 10, 05:10 AM
    Kentsfield is Intel's next revision of their "Core" processors which was originally scheduled to be released in the 1st Quarter of 2007. According to the article, it is now planned for late 2006 availability.

    Uh, you guys reported this part (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/07/20060720090504.shtml) some time ago.

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  • nospleen
    Sep 10, 08:29 AM
    My point as just that if intel doubles the number of cores every 6th month, I believe that lifespan of a Mac is going to be substantially shorter. I doubt that the people who just bought a new MacPro realized that their computer would be as fast as an "entry level" computer within a year. Old Macs, like my own MDD, will be deemed to live in a time-bubble with now means of interacting with newer computers.
    Things have certainly changed after the PPC ->x86 transition.

    I am not quite following you. It is not as if your mac will slow down because the new one has more cores? Or, are you saying the requirements to run the software will increase at a faster rate because the hardware is improving so rapidly, thus dating your mac prematurely?

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  • milo
    Sep 5, 04:35 PM
    ok, just made a quick mockup of what i would like to see announced next week :cool:

    and make shure it also works with video_ts folders and avi/divx files (maybe via an front row API for third party developers like VLC?) ;)

    this would perfectly complement that itunes movie store

    You nailed it, that would be perfect. That's EXACTLY what they should do.

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  • SilianRail
    Apr 22, 02:56 PM
    Thinking of getting this for my mom. The top of her needs are 1080p YouTube videos, will they run smoothly?

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  • Omniblast
    Mar 30, 12:04 PM
    By that argument, aren't windows and office generic terms???

    I don't think Microsoft sues or claims to send cease and desist letters to people who make actual windows. I think they know the difference between software and a actual window.

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  • Machead III
    Aug 29, 03:39 AM
    Shipping date on the 1.83Ghz White MB is 5-7 days. On the rest of the MBs it's 3-5.

    All other comps are 24hr, apart from the iMacs which are 1-2.

    Has it been like this for a while already? Is this because of shortages, or is it a sign?

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  • 0815
    Apr 20, 12:17 PM
    Time to check my wifes iPhone backup tonight :rolleyes:

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  • dst98
    Apr 30, 01:21 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7)

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    Just hope they don't decide to redesign the iMac the beginning of next year like they plan to do with the Macbooks.

    Neither will be redesigned next year. Look at the length of time Apple stuck with the previous design. There are still a few years left to this "look."

    When do you estimate they will come out with the redesigned exterior?

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  • adk
    Apr 24, 11:56 PM
    Why do I feel like you are one of the people who purposely try to slow people down because you need to be on some higher moral ground and make sure the entire world does the speed you believe is safe?

    Had that woman just moved like everyone else did, I would have never had to cut her off in order to punish her. And yes I did have to punish her, because she needed to be taught her dang place on the road.

    Aren't you doing the exact same thing?

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  • technicolor
    Oct 12, 12:45 PM
    Aw come on, you do that every day! :p
    Hee hee! :D

    I am really not a huge Oprah fan, maybe when I am 40. ;)

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 25, 03:01 PM
    I wonder if they'll go SSD and maintain the price-point by saying bye-bye to the superdrive? I hope so, i'd prefer SSD speed over a disc drive which i hardly use anymore.

    Also, i'm thinking the black bezel might go. In my opinion, the black hinge doesn't look too good when the rest is metal.

    Bigger trackpad, for Lion's gestures?

    I hope they don't go sloped, like the air. But then again, when it comes to design, Apple always make it sexy, so i don't mind really.

    Can't wait anyway, i was recently thinking of buying a MacBook Pro, glad i didn't jump in too soon :)

    Sorry, but the cost of an 80GB SSD is about $500 NZD, while an optical drive costs $30 NZD. Don't think it'll quite cover the cost ;) Oh, and if you want something like a 500GB+ SSD your looking at $1000+

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  • revfife
    Sep 12, 03:03 PM
    My only problem is there doesn't seem to be an education discount right now on the new iPods. Just 249 and 349. :confused:

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  • LarryC
    Apr 23, 02:48 PM
    Intel doesn't have a problem "dealing with ATI". The problem is that the integrated graphics in Sandy Bridge are inside the CPU, so if you put an alternative chipset with integrated graphics you're paying for stuff that you don't use, and the whole point of integrated graphics is to reduce costs.

    Also, NVIDIA is prohibited by Intel to make new chipsets for Intel CPUs that have an integrated memory controller.

    Thank you.

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  • aswitcher
    Sep 15, 07:06 PM
    Wow...that would be ideal! Mucho $$ too.

    Oh, and GPS of course ;)

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  • darwen
    Sep 15, 05:53 PM
    why is the US so far behind Europe with this kind of technology?

    (edit: maybe it isn't i haven't shopped for a phone in nearly a year)

    It is. I believe this is because of the pricing. Europe is much cheaper when it comes to price-per-minute. My guess is the american companies tried to get as much money for as little functionality as possible from the get go (a simple American business tactic) and they are now catching up. There is more demand now so companies have no choice but to innovate and are unfortunately behind Europe. This is all just my guess.

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  • puckhead193
    Sep 19, 01:34 PM
    I wonder if these people are buying one to "test it out" or are buying multiple movies.

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  • Chris Bangle
    Oct 12, 12:26 PM
    If it was recorded today, then the audience must know... Im nowhere near America so I cant ask them... Surely someone else apart from this source will confirm it for us... There has to be a few apple fans in the audience....

    Apr 19, 07:24 AM
    Do any of these suits ever actually get resolved?

    It's going back over a decade, but eMachines had to stop selling its eOne after Apple won a legal battle over the physical similarity with the original iMac model. eMachines gave its product a different shape to the Apple 'teardrop', but it wasn't enough.

    There was another computer, the ePower that looked even more like an iMac (IIRC, it was even the same colour as Bondi Blue) - that one didn't get to the market because of an injunction by Apple.

    In at least one legal case over iMac 'influenced' PCs, the judge commented on the amount of marketing Apple had spent and which focussed on the physical look - so essentially was saying that other companies were trying to exploit that.

    Oct 27, 10:12 AM
    Exactly. There was no violence, no rowdiness. This is how the current mindf*cks work. People hear that a group or activist with views counter to the needs of govenrment and big business and their heads immediately fills with images of extreme millitancy. As I said - they handed out leaflets. That's it.

    It's the same when the intelligence services and police stage 'terror raids' on houses where the inhabitants have no connection to terror. People immediately think 'Ahh, they've got those terrorist scum...' When the suspects are released without charge no one asks how zero evidence can possibly lead to an armed raid.

    No, in the case of Greenpeace, most people's experience is probably formed from *first-hand* experience of being approached on city streets. I've certainly been approached dozens of times here in NYC. Personally, Greenpeace doesn't bother me. But Greenpeace reps usually *are* quite insistent, and that behavior is legal on a city street, but does not have to be tolerated on private property.

    I mean, it's easy for me to brush people off here in NYC because I'm used to it (constantly get approached by panhandlers, palm readers, political activists, etc.). But at a convention, people whoe weren't used to that probably allowed themselves to be stopped and then had their ears talked off for a few minutes, because they were just too nice to brush off a pretty young girl (which most Greenpeace reps are because they know that people will be much nicer to them on average than to, say, a young punk-ass male). So these people probably didn't say anything to the Greenpeace rep's face, but then turned around and noted a complaint with MacExpo. MacExpo probably received a few of these complaints and decided enough was enough...

    Aug 28, 12:10 PM
    This Tuesday! This Tuesday!

    Sep 14, 03:15 AM
    Finally is this it?
    No. ;)

    Sep 5, 04:15 PM
    I really hope Apple comes out with a new app for this, because video in iTunes completely sucks.

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