Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Essen Motor Show 2010 Hot Girls – Sexy Tuning In Germany

Essen Motor Show 2010 Hot Girls – Sexy Tuning In Germany

Provocatively dressed, the beautiful hostess have stand out between the concepts and the tuned cars of Essen Motor Show 2010.

Last year, we showed you a gallery of girls posing next to the cars at Essen Motor Show 2009, we believe that you enjoyed it so we are doing the same with this years hot girls of Essen Motor Show 2010. As you probably know, Essen Motor Show is an annual tuning event, the biggest in Europe, something like the European version of SEMA Show (held in Las Vegas, NV).

Essen Motor Show 2010 deployed last week, an event that hosted a lot of models developing hundreds of horsepower and lots of sexy ladies, strategically placed in the booths.

Here, at Mibz.com we are big fans of the car-girl mix, and that’s the reason why we are having lot of fun presenting them to you too. Because, let’s face it, what is better than a sexy girl standing next to a hot car. If you don’t have the answer just ask our colleague, Dragos Ionescu, and he will tell you that is nothing better than the car-girl mix, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


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