Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dragon Tattoo Designs For Girls

Because of the differences between cultures and beliefs, dragon tattoos can have many different meanings. The dragon can be fierce, elegant, beautiful, or even cute, based on the cultural depiction that you choose. With a small amount of creativity, your can be an original and unique work of art, as well.
Dragon mythologies are often as different as the cultures that possess them. For example, European is full of knights hunting and slaying the fire breathing beasts that stole gold, kidnapped young girls, and destroyed livestock and homes. In contrast, depict a much different image, with wise old dragons who were able to make prophecies that helped the people of the area live better, and stay safe. These creatures were revered as gods, and were asked for help when needed. Even in the Middle East, can be found, though these tales are mostly based on the that live in the area. Regardless of the culture, stories of dragons have been passed down for generations. Most of these tales have , but the stories remain very popular.
In many cases, as with , show a large with the features of a lizard. More detailed tattoos will even show individual scales on the dragon’s skin. Some even possess a forked tongue, a common reptilian feature. Many dragons are shown flying, or with their bat-like wings stretched out, and breathing fire. These common elements are all part of the European depiction of a dragon, which is how our culture generally envisions them.
Dragon tattoos can mean something different to each person. Usually, this meaning can be shown in the way that a dragon is depicted. If the dragon is meant to express strength, the image will usually show a very large, fierce dragon with . These dragons are usually breathing fire, either to the side, or directly at the person viewing the tattoo. If the dragon is supposed to show wisdom and intelligence, the dragon is often shown smiling or thoughtful. The most common depiction of this would be Chinese dragon tattoos. With images such as these, the dragon is often designed to appear old and weathered to express wisdom. Some are even shown with long, gray beards or moustaches.
Dragon tattoos can represent a variety of emotions and ideals, such as good, evil, wisdom, adventure, mischief, strength, and bravery. The key is to choose an image that represents you the best. Dragon tattoo designs can be any color. Men often choose red or green, while women often choose purple, blue, or pink. However, the color choice is up to you, and that will make your dragon tattoo as unique as you are.

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