Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Demi Lovato, her treatment was for bulimia and self-injury

Demi Lovato granted her first post-rehab interview to ABC newscaster Robin Roberts, which aired on Good Morning America and 20/20 on April 22, 2011.

During the interview, Demi Lovato confirmed reports that her treatment was for bulimia and self-injury, and had taken place at the Timberline Knolls facility in Illinois after the aforementioned confrontation between her and Welch led to an intervention by her family and management team.

Demi Lovato stated that the incident came after having had a "really unhealthy relationship with food" since age 8 due to bullying experienced as a child, and self-mutilating her wrists to cope with her emotions and depression since age 11.

Her condition came to a head during the tour because Demi Lovato "was performing concerts on an empty stomach...I was losing my voice from purging. I was self-medicating. I was not taking medication for depression, and I literally was so emotionally whacked out that I took it out on someone that meant a lot to me."

Demi Lovato expressed regret at her actions towards Welch, stating "I take 100 percent, full responsibility...I feel horrible. [She] was my friend."

In another interview, Demi Lovato added that she had "basically had a nervous breakdown", and was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder during her treatment.

As part of her efforts to raise awareness about issues similar to her own, Demi Lovato was announced in April 2011 as a Contributing Editor to Seventeen magazine. Demi Lovato will discuss her personal issues as a part of a larger campaign called "Love is Louder than the Pressure to Be Perfect", directed towards teen girls.

Demi Lovato

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